Unnoticeable as undetectable is LUXUS PPF, the newest paint protection film in the market, with a crystalline looking self-adhesive polyurethane, this film protects the paint of the most exposed parts of a vehicle´s body from scratches that can usually occur during circulation and either on the road or in all-terrain activities.

LUXUS PPF has been designed to withstand prolonged sun exposure, high temperatures, scratches and small impacts. It does not affect the paint or the appearance of the vehicle and adapts perfectly to the shapes of the body. Thanks to precise computerized cut, the need of utilizing a razor sharp cutter over your vehicles paint is practically none. Installed by professionals it is almost imperceptible.

  • PPF does not require special care
  • You can clean your vehicle as usual
  • Preserve the appearance of the vehicle as new
  • Keep the value of your investment
  • Reduce the costs of returning company cars
  • PPF, a system as clear as its name